Living without your natural teeth won’t be easy, and it can get more difficult when you get removable dentures to replace your missing teeth. Regardless of how many hours you have spent trying to get used to dentures, it will never be the same as your natural teeth. So what is the solution? We offer full mouth dental implants to our patients using implant-supported permanent dentures. We’ll do our best to make your new teeth look and feel like your natural ones.

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What are All on Four Implants?

Implants or endosseous implants are titanium metal posts or screws that are considered standard care for prosthetic replacement of missing teeth. It is a surgical fixture that is surgically inserted into the jawbone under the gums. When implants are inserted and have completely healed, it allows your dentist to mount your new teeth into them. All-on-4 fixed prosthesis is the best method for permanently replacing your missing teeth, and can use up to eight implants in each jaw. The best thing about this treatment is that you do not need a new root for each missing tooth. A minimum of four implants are enough to support a complete set of dentures, but it is also possible to place up to eight in each jaw. These look and feel like your natural teeth and you’ll be able to eat and speak without restrictions.

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How do it work to get me a new Smile?

With the new permanent dental prosthesis, there can be all-on-four, all-on-five, all-on-six, or all-on-eight artificial roots secured in each jaw. A fixed or removable set of dentures may be used. All-on-four fixed prostheses are the most commonly used treatment. These are the kind wherein two new roots are placed in front of the jaw. The rest of it is placed at the back of the jaw and inserted at a 45-degree angle. If the condition needs additional support and retention for the prosthesis, six or even eight implants can be placed in each jaw. But this practice is not common since increasing the number of posts will need a greater volume and thickness of the jawbones.

What are the benefits to full arch denture implants?

Fixed dental prostheses have several advantages over traditional prostheses like bridges and dentures. Here are a few benefits:


Enjoy the strength, durability, and comfort of permanent replacements combined with the aesthetic of removable or fixed partial dentures. This means you can eat or speak naturally and it feels more natural like your own teeth. Because of the artificial roots, you’ll have a more stable foundation that you can chew and speak without problems.

Quick Esthetic Results

Compared to conventional options that need several months before a prosthesis can be placed, all-on-4,5,6, or 8 fixed prostheses can be immediately loaded to the new teeth. You’ll get the smile you deserve without the hassles of waiting in just a day!


Compared to traditional dentures that will need to be repaired or replaced frequently, fixed dental prostheses are very durable. If you take care of your teeth expect these to last for a lifetime.

Quick Recovery

We’ll make sure to perform as minimal surgery as possible to place the dental implants. Since permanent restorations only need four artificial roots, the treatment and recovery will be easier for the patient.

Less Need for Bone Grafting

A bone grafting procedure is not needed in fixed prostheses as these can be placed where the quantity and quality of the jawbone are more pronounced. The effects of bone resorption are mild in the front portion of the jawbone; therefore, two new roots in the front will be stable and more effective at retaining the prosthesis. The implants at the back are normally placed at an angle. These can be placed in areas where there is less space between the upper and lower jaw bone. It is also possible to use a mini dental implant for the same purpose.

Step by Step Procedure

Fabrication and placement of All-on-4, 5, 6, or 8 is carried out in two phases. The first phase of the Tooth Implant deals with the placement procedure while the second phase is where we install it into your jaw with a suitable prosthesis.

1. Treatment Plan

During your initial consultation, we will come up with a treatment plan made for your situation. We will take into account various factors such as the number of teeth remaining and the condition of the jawbone.

2. Tooth Extraction

Based on the treatment plan, any teeth that will need to be removed are extracted. The extraction site will then be allowed a certain time to heal.

3. Placement

Our dentists will ensure that the treatment is painful and comfortable by administering local anesthesia. When the patient is extremely anxious or worried, conscious sedation may also be considered. The surgical procedure starts by making an incision over the soft tissue overlying the jawbone where the new roots are inserted. A surgical flap is raised and a small hole is drilled in the jaw. The titanium roots are screwed into position by applying controlled forces.

4. Implant Loading and Crowns/Fixed dentures

The implants and jawbone will be given enough time to bond together for three to six months. These form natural anchors to artificial teeth. For the time being, a temporary replacement may be worn over implant sites.

Modern dentistry allows experts to immediately load the implants into the jaw. In this case of immediate loading, the dentures and abutments are prepared before these are placed and immediately inserted once the initial surgery is done.

How much does All-on-4 dental implant cost?

The cost of dental implants in Huntington Beach, CA generally ranges between $3,000 and could go over $50,000. Several factors determine the cost, such as the materials and system used, the expertise of the specialist, and even the location.

Denture Implants Near Huntington Beach, CA

If you’ve been looking to achieve a gorgeous new smile nearby, then all-on-four dental implants may be the best solution for you. If you are worried about the cost in Huntington Beach our Huntington Beach, California office accepts most PPOs. We also work with third-party lenders such as CareCredit. We also offer zero-interest in-house payment plans. Proudly providing oral health care to our California neighbors. Implantes dentales aquí.

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FAQs for Full Arch of Teeth

How much does it cost to get a full mouth of dental implants?

When replacing all of the teeth in the upper jaw, lower jaw, or even on all teeth, the average Dental Implant Cost for a single (top and bottom). This is the best option for patients who are missing several teeth in a row. The cost will increase if the teeth need to be removed and when bone grafting is required.

Does dental insurance cover all on 4?

It depends on the type of insurance but coverage is minimal for all-on-4 implants. Patients are advised to check with their plan for the specifics as there are plans that can cover it. Dr. Manali Patel DDS will determine your oral health condition and our benefits coordinator can check your benefits to see what is covered.

Are all 4 dental implants removable?

These are permanent sets of teeth placed on four, six, or even eight implants. These look and function just like your natural teeth and cannot be removed. There are certain cases where an implant-supported bridge or snap-on dentures are placed on 4 implants and it can be removed for cleaning. Visit Harbor Smiles office to learn more about this treatment.

Full Mouth Implants Near Me

When choosing a dentist, location is important as if the office is near where you live or work you can save a lot of time and money going to and from the office. There may be several treatment and follow-up appointments along with your routine visits later, thus an office close to you make appointments more convenient. Look for a specialist with excellent reviews for full mouth dental implants and one you feel natural comfortable with.

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