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Our goal is to provide the best treatment we can with the use of our extensive years of experience and knowledge and be familiar with our patients as well as aiming to meet their personal needs. We offer services for infants, children, teens, grandparents, and others in-between.

We are happy to serve our dear community with outstanding dentistry to our kinfolks, neighbors, and friends in Huntington Beach, California, and its neighboring cities. We aim to provide you with the best care which is why our dentists along with the rest of our friendly staff will see to it that you are satisfied, and comfortable with the treatment you are receiving all the time.

Dental Treatments

Dr. Manali Patel, DDS

Dr. Manali Patel, DDS was raised in Orange County, CA and graduated from the UCLA School of Dentistry.

Dr. Gary Stewart, DDS

Dr. Gary Stewart DDS has been dedicated to providing quality dental care to his patients for 20+ years.

Dr. Eric Cho, DDS

Dr. Eric Cho, DDS, is currently the Clinical Associate Professor at the Ostrow School of Dentistry of the University of Southern California, Department of Advanced Periodontology. 

Other services we offer include sedation dentistry, teeth whitening, bone grafting, and many more. We love to bring beautiful smiles to children and the rest of your family members. 

We aim to deliver the best treatment we can offer using our extensive knowledge, skills, and experience and by also becoming familiar with our patients and their personal needs. WE offer services from infants, children, teens, adults to grandparents. We are happy to serve our dear community and provide outstanding dentistry to our neighbors, and friends in Huntington Beach, California. In our efforts to provide you with the best care, our dentists together with the rest of our friendly staff will see to it that you are comfortable and satisfied with the treatment you are receiving at all times.

Our doctors belong to the American Dental Association (ADA) and other fine dental and medical organizations.

Our office is equipped with fully digital and the latest technologies modern dentistry has to offer. With a digital x-ray, you and our dentist will be able to have a look at the images of your teeth almost immediately. The accuracy of these modern x-ray machines has improved compared to x-ray machines in the past. We are also able to share images almost instantly rather than having to wait for several hours for the reproduction of the images and to be shipped to the laboratory. Panoramic x-rays will take one image of your entire oral cavity, and enable us to plan the most appropriate treatment for you whether it is dentures, implants, extractions, or any other necessary treatment. Intraoral cameras allow to have a close look in real-time and be able to show, through one of the overhead displays available about what is taking place inside the mouth, so you can have a look exactly about what we are talking about or how we can correct any issues or alleviate the pain you are having at the moment. All these modern technologies are a part of our dedication to instruct our patients and let them have control of their oral health.

We know that people hesitate to visit the dentist because they know how much their treatment would cost. Consultation charges have increased over the past several years and a lot of patients are afraid that their current insurance plans won’t be enough for their treatment. We aim to provide you with the best coverage at a reasonable price. We also accept PPO and HMO insurance. We provide special deals that can help lower the cost even more. We are currently accepting new patients, including those that do not have insurance and we observe an open Saturday schedule.

Huntington Beach, CA – Dental Care for a Community we value

We are happy to be a member of Huntington Beach and to be serving its great community and the neighboring cities. The treatment programs we offer start with listening to the concerns of our patients. After the consultation and detailed examination, our dentists will be able to review the tests with you, discuss your diagnosis along with the most appropriate treatment options available for your needs.

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